• An Independent Guide to all Pavilions of Expo 2015 in Milan
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This voting is a premiere.
At every world exposition many experts speak out about successful and unsuccessful pavilions. But – unbelievable, but true – in more than 160 years of world expositions no one ever asked the visitors, which pavilions they liked and which not.
We want to change that now. If you’ve been to Expo 2015 you are invited to join in our voting.

We’ll publish the results at the end of October on this Page and on our Facebook page. The pavilions with the highest votes will be getting a certificate with the result.

Which pavilions do you like best?

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1, Click on the pavilions you liked most.
You can select as many pavilions as you wish.
At the end of the list there’s a blank space. There you can enter your own choice if you want to vote for a pavilion that’s not on the list.
2, If you’re done with your selection, click „Vote“ at the end of the list.